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Locally Made Marijuana Concentrates

Shop cannabis concentrates made right here in Colorado

In addition to soil and sun-grown flower, we also make our own bubble hash, bubble hash joints, fresh frozen bubble hash (full-melt bubble hash), and live rosin pressed from our fresh frozen bubble hash.

Our bubble hash is hand-washed by us using our own dry trim, food-grade stainless steel washing vessels, and modern techniques to make some of the best and cleanest bubble hash on the market.  This kind of hash is best used as a topping on a bowl or mixed with some flower and rolled into a joint.

If you can't roll your own, we also make our own Bubble Hash Infused Joints.  We blend together 0.75 grams of flower with 0.25 grams of bubble hash and pack it into a cone that is ready to smoke and will burn for an absurd amount of time.

Fresh frozen bubble hash (also known as full-melt bubble hash), is made using the same techniques as our bubble hash, but using freshly frozen buds instead of dry trim.  We separate the best trichome heads that have the most amount of oils; this makes for a much more flavorful bubble hash that can also be vaporized at low temperatures.  While you might find a small amount of crust left on your dabbing surface, it's easily cleaned and well worth it for the amazing flavor and full-body effect that this type of hash provides.

Our Live Rosin is the closest thing to smoking a live plant that you can get!  We use heat and pressure to literally squeeze the oils out of our fresh frozen bubble hash.  The oil is then collected, put into a jar, and processed into the final form.  Live Rosin can come in many forms, but we primarily focus on batters, saps, and sauces.  There are no solvents or gases used during the process, making for an incredibly clean, flavorful, and potent dabbing experience.

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