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Indoor or Outdoor?

The indoor vs outdoor debate has been around for ages. But who is really superior to who?

Some might choose an indoor over outdoor grown weed because the buds tend to be aesthetically pleasing by look and smell, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the indoor grown weed is better. Although indoor growing can be harder to accomplish if you don't have the knowledge behind growing because of the variables to have to control, but could be easy once those variable are controlled.

Let me quote the legendary DJ Short (Breeder of Blueberry, Flo, etc). In his book Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis, he frequently mentions his preference, as a grower and a smoker, for outdoor over indoor:

"Without seeming too contrary, the first and primary tip I would like to offer to the potential farmer is, in fact, rather contradictory to a book that focuses on indoor gardening: Whenever possible, grow outdoors. I realize that the budding apprentice indoor grower may not want to accept this. But I cannot emphasize enough the importance and the completeness of the outdoor environment. At least consider the possibility, it may help you appreciate what it is you are trying to duplicate."

Would you prefer bud that is grown naturally, or bud that has been manipulated and controlled? When you take away what plants naturally need, the natural sun, the weed won't grow to its full potential. Natural sunlight permeates the plant and gives a unique quality to the cannabinoids, and not just the UV but also the wavelength that photosynthesis happens under all plays a role on the potency of the bud being grown. Soil and sun growing allows more of the sun to penetrate the plant to bring out a robust bud, full of flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids. All though outdoor plants can be vulnerable to weather, indoor growing uses unnecessary energy and is using massive amounts of fossil fuels to generate ballasts, fans, AC, etc. When conditions for outdoor plant are optimal the yield is similar, if not superior to that of indoor methods because the plants are not limited on space to grow.

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